Who Gets Our Friends in the Divorce?


Throughout your marriage, you have most likely made friends along the way. You may have spent time with other couples and grown close to them over the years. So what happens to those relationships now that you are divorced? Who is “awarded” your friends? Common Reactions by Friends In many cases, nothing will change, your […]

Maintaining Dignity During a Divorce


Sometimes the fault of a failed marriage may fall more on one party than the other. Though it may be tempting to explain to others the cause for your divorce, it simply isn’t necessary. None of Your Business! It isn’t anyone’s business to know what led you and your spouse to divorce. You don’t have to reveal […]

Mediation Failed Over A Baseball


Generally, before a case can move toward a final resolution at trial, the parties have to attempt mediation. Mediation can be a wonderful tool in a disputed case and can often be very successful, however, it isn’t uncommon for parties to nearly come to an agreement but become gridlocked on one issue. It’s important to think logically […]